Akari Shiodome
Age 19, 24 (after the time skip)
Gender Female
First Appearance
Voice Actress/Actor

Kaori Nazuka

Akari Shiodome is Hikari's older sister, as well as the daughter of Tomori Sakishima.

Itaru Shiodome is her boyfriend before the timeskip but her husband after the timeskip, Miuna Shiodome is her stephdaughter and Akira Shiodome is her real son.


In the Pre-Timeskip, Akari had short light brown hair with small curls in the front and like any other sea people, bright blue eyes. 


She's a kind, cheerful woman as well as a caring older sister to Hikari, her younger brother.


When younger, their mother have died and their father was the only one left to care for them. However, because Hikaru was still young, she acted strong in front of him but secretly cried if she was alone and/or at night.

In the series, she's shown to be a kind and cheerful woman and a caring sister to Hikaru. She also had a secret relationship with Itaru Shiodome, which Hikaru found about and Uroko-sama as well.

In the timeskip, she's seen to be married with Itaru Shiodome as well as having a child, Akira, with him.


Hikaru Sakishima - Her younger brother, she's shown to be kind and caring for him.

Tomori Sakishima - Her father.

Itaru Shiodome - A man she knew well when his wife was still alive, boyfriend in the pre-timeskip and her husband after the timeskip.

Miuna Shiodome - Itaru's daughter who first disapproved of Itaru's and Akari's relationship but later approved of it, as well as Akira's half-sister and Akari's stephdaughter after the timeskip.


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