Akira Shiodome
Age 5 (Part 2)
Gender Male
First Appearance
Anime The Promised Day
Voice Actress/Actor

Ishigami Shizuka

Akira Shiodome (峰岸 淳 Shiodome Akira?) is a supporting character from Nagi no Asukara.


Akira is a cute and girlish 5 year old boy. He had short midnight hair that frames his trademark grey eyes which means he is a 'half-breed' as he has a mother from the sea and a father from the surface, like his sister. He has a round face, and peach skin. He is mostly seen in a blue shirt with a white strip and jeans. Other times he is seen with in his button up blue and green pajamas or his coat. He is a very simple and innocent boy, who sees everything in black and white.


Akira is shown to be shy, serene and timid. He can be a little selfish. Akira is very timid and lacked self-confidence before he met Manaka and began to gain confidence. He likes to hid behind a cute-stature.


Akira doesn't have a role. He is the son of Akari and Hikari is his uncle. He has a small crush on Manaka. He copes everyone's movements, loves to play games with Manaka and his best friend is a penguin teddy-bear. More than anything else, just being with everyone makes Akira happy. It is harder for him to be apart Miuna and Manaka than anything else.


  • "Namaka! "

    – He couldn't say Manaka's name.


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