Minegishi Atsushi
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Age 14 (Part 2)
Gender male
First Appearance
Anime The Promised Day
Voice Actress/Actor

Murase Ayumu

Atsushi Minegishi (峰岸 淳 Atsushi Minegishi?) is a supporting character from Nagi no Asukara.


Minegishi is a cute and girlish boy. He had short milky brown hair with two parts curling up his cheeks. He has a round face, he still has baby fat, peach skin, and amber eyes which shows that he is a surface child. He is mostly seen in his school uniform. A light brown and dark brown blazer, white shirt, black pants and a orange tie.


Minegishi is characterised as shy, thoughtful, serene, understanding, kind, and very polite, as noted from he always addressing people with proper honourifics. He is also very gentle, noted from his two friends. Minegishi is very timid and lacked self-confidence. However, he has shown to be a very hard worker. He can be known as straightforward and blunt at times. He is often afraid and hides behind his friends when threatened. Most of the time, Minegishi is easily scared by others, this is because he was a sick child. He suffers from Brontophobia, known as a fear of thunder. Apart from this, he is known to have a peaceful nature, a calming aura.


As a child, Minegishi was a ill child. He spent most of his time inside, away from the outside world and when the time the sea-people went to hibernation, Minegishi started to get better. With the will to see the outside world changing, Minegishi pushed himself to see it change. Also, Minegishi has a fear of thunder so much that he would freeze whenever thunder would strike. He holds great admiration for Miuna Shiodome, as he was inspired by her enthusiasm and her unyielding determination to never give up no matter what the odds. When he finally enters middle School, his admiration towards her grew into genuine care and affection, eventually leading him to fall in love with her.


Minegishi's role within the hole anime is very small. It was rumored that creator wanted to have him as a main to develop him more and to create a relationship between him and Miuna but simply did not have enough time. His background and a little of his personality is from rumors and small hints and few facts that have been confirmed within interviews. He stands for Miuna, to support her as even after she rejects him, quite selfishly, he still cares for her and does his best to help her along.


  • "I is him?"

    – To Miuna when he sees Hikari and notices her blushing

  • "Um...It's getting colder these days. Try to get home before dark..."

    – To Miuna when he meets her again, sometime after school. He notes that the weather has gotten colder.

  • "Try to be careful."

    – To Miuna

  • "Oh. Good a-afternoon."

    – When Miuna greets him in the last episode

  • "I just find her so...beautiful."

    – To his friends when they tease him about not giving up on Miuna.


  • He and his friends was helping with production of Ofunehiki.
  • Episode 26. It is highly implied that Miuna and Minegishi will have a relationship in the future.


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