Between the Sea and the Land
Nagi no Asukara - 01 05.18
Umi to Daichi no Mannaka ni
Japanese Air Date

October 3, 2013

Opening lull~And We Are~
Ending Aqua Terrarium
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← None The Chilly Desert
Between the Sea and the Land (海と大地のまんなかに Umi to Daichi no Mannaka ni?) is the first episode of Nagi no Asukara anime series.

Manaka Mukaido who had her school closed down must have to study on the land. Later, having being cursed by Uroko, Manaka becomes shy before Hikari helped her with covering the cursed fish. However, accidentally the fish hit a desk and made a farting sound. Manaka then run away and lost her consciousness, there Tsumugu Kihara noticed her and brought her to his house, recovers her cracked skin. After Hikari found Manaka, he threats Tsumugu to don't touch Manaka again.



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  1. Between the Sea and the Land
  2. The Chilly Desert
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  8. The Messenger from the Bottom of the Sea
  9. Something Lost
  10. Whose Feeling was This
  11. Detritus
  12. Love is Like the Sea
  13. ~Earth color of a calm~