Sayu Hisanuma
Part 1 | Part 2

Nagi no Asukara - 04 09.19

Age 9, 14 (after timeskip)
Gender Female
First Appearance
Anime Nagi no Asukara Episode 2
Voice Actress/Actor

Kaori Ishihara

Sayu Hisanuma (久沼 さゆ Hisanuma Sayu?) is one of the leading characters of the second part of Nagi no Asukara series.


Sayu is a young girl with amber/hazelnut hair pulled up into twin pony-tails, that just about brushes against her shoulders. With tan skin and glittering brown eyes, Sayu is a surface child. In the beginning she is seen in a orange dress with an yellow corset and white tights.

During the second part, Sayu grows her hair out and decides to pull them up into matching 'baby-ponytails'. Seen mostly in her school uniform. A long brown skirt, white shirt and a yellow jacket with a bow on the chest. Other times, she is seen wearing a light pink coat, white shirt and a matching pink skirt.


Sayu has a superiority complex and a very short temper. She is sarcastic, cynical, and prideful, but she is actually a good person inside. She is also strong and is not afraid to speak her mind, often feisty with fiery comebacks. Sayu gets upset easily. Sayu is also brutally honest, typically when she is lashing out at someone. She is clumsy and tries to hide that too. Because she is misunderstood, people don't see that she has a soft side for the ones she cares about. 


Being an only child and without a father, Sayu was bullied at school when she first started going. But when Miuna joined the class Sayu felt guilty when the bullies started targeting Miuna instead. When she saw that it does not bother Miuna, Sayu finally confronted her and asked why. This resulted in them becoming close friends. Sayu lives with her kind mother and adores sea-gulls. In the episode when Kaname wakes up, it was shown that Sayu was playing and talking with a sea-gull. Sayu have never been in love before until she met Kaname. It began when the boy gently pats her on the head, resulting her in developing a crush on him which then later grows into strong feelings.


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  • "Miuna, don't be selfish! It's sick. I'm maybe sick..."

    – Sayu arguing with Miuna about still being in love with Kaname

  • "Oh! You're so selfish! That was stupid, making him upset like that! You're just so damn selfish! Rubbing it in, that the person you liked woken up! "

    – Sayu having enough of being ignored and forced to follow Miuna around. She gets angry after Miuna yells at the cloth maker

  • "I...I found this boot....and I thought...Miuna!"

    – Sayu to Miuna. Fearing that she had hurt herself

  • "Miuna's my friend! She's so upset! "

    – Sayu crying to Kaname when he confronted her when she was 9 years old

  • "Of Couse...You wouldn't know..."

    – Sayu to Kaname when he doesn't know who she is.

  • "When somebody has strong feelings, they're able to do remarkable things. Maybe, Hikari has to kiss Manaka-san. Then maybe she'll wake up. Like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.."

    – Sayu when trying to help Hikari

  • "Miuna! You're acting like you don't want Manaka-san to wake up! Is that it! Hikari needs her! "

    – Sayu realizing Miuna doesn't want Manaka to wake up

  • "A-Are you alright? You went out with him. You're not sick are you?"

    – Sayu to Kaname. Worried he might get sick like Hikari

  • "Don't say that! Saying that it is better not being able to love! Will you all stop acting so grown up! You're all still kids!"

    – Sayu to Hikari, Chisaki, Tsumugu, Miuna and Kamane about Manaka not being able to love


  • Sayu confesses to Kaname in Nagi no Asukara Episode 24.
  • Sayu has the most curly hair.
  • She is considered as a tsundere.
  • The background music "Mirage of the sea" was played the most when she was on screen, and presumably is her theme.


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